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Don't shop at supermarkets online!

Until you've given these easy 3 steps a try:

  1. Visit mySupermarket and Start Shopping here...
  2. See the cost of your trolley at all supermarkets in real-time and switch with a single click...
  3. Checkout at your preferred supermarket...

Here's why we think you'll learn to love Mysupermarket:

  • You get your usual supermarket rewards AND maximiles too (sign up here)
  • Click trolley check and Mysupermarket will suggest cheaper alternatives
  • One-click switching and extra special offers means YOU WILL SAVE MONEY!


Your Questions Answered:

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MySupermarket | Grocery Shopping Money Saving Tip

Your Favourites Lists ARE Supported!

MySupermarket can import your favourites list or you can start shopping from scratch and see the price of your trolley at all the supermarkets in real-time.

Double Points!

On top of your Tesco Clubcard or Nectar points you also get Maximiles (click to sign up here) for every £1 spent and ASDA and OCADO shoppers get ipoints too.

Healthy Choices Made Easy!

MySupermarket's health check can help you lose up to 4,000 calories (sugar, fat, saturates and salt) from your weekly trolley - it's the next best thing to having a personal shopper and a nutritionist following you around the supermarket while you shop!

Prefer to Shop In Person? Here's Our Thoughts...

Of course in a perfect world it's good to choose your fresh fruit, vegatables, meat and fresh bread in person but for household essentials like toilet rolls, tins, packets of cereals, crisps and heavy and bulky items - which are the same at every supermarket and fill up your trolley - mySupermarket is perfect and it's easy to compare prices.

With all the boring everyday essentials taken care of you're free to shop in person and support your local greengrocer, bakery and butcher.

Supermarket Discount Codes, evouchers, Clubcard points, Nectar points and maximiles...

If you already shop at Tesco or Sainsbury's you're probably already getting Tesco Clubcard or Nectar points with your supermarket shopping. If you shop through mySupermarket you can also collect maximiles in addition to your usual loyalty points at the rate of 1 ipoint for every £1 spent along with bonus ipoints on selected items.

ipoints can be exchanged at for a wide range of free gifts, from CDs, books and DVDs, through to gadgets, electrical products, gift experiences and shopping vouchers.

What are promotional codes and coupon codes?

Promotional codes are online discount vouchers, usually a word, a number or a combination of both. Just like discount vouchers in real shops, promotional codes save you money when shopping online. Always look for opportunities to enter promotional codes, discount codes, gift certificates etc in shopping baskets and at the checkout stage then check our promotional codes and discount vouchers pages.

* Latest promotional codes & discount vouchers...   * More money saving tips...

Is Grocery Shopping Online Secure?

All the supermarkets featured on this site are secure - always check for the padlock/key symbols in your browser status bar across the bottom of the window. To securely store your login and password details we're pleased to recommend AI Roboform on Windows PCs or 1Password on Macs. These clever browser plug-ins can also securely store your credit card details which makes the checkout process at all the supermarkets even easier.

We recommend you reserve a credit card exclusively for online shopping if the worst happens you can stop the card and use an alternative credit card until the problem is resolved.

Supermarket Shopping News, Bargains and Promotional Offers

MySupermarket - Compare supermarket prices Buy your groceries at Tesco via MySupermarket and get Tesco Clubcard points AND Maximiles...

MySupermarket - Compare supermarket prices Buy your groceries at ASDA via MySupermarket and get Maximiles...

MySupermarket - Compare supermarket prices Buy your groceries at Sainsburys via MySupermarket and get Nectar points AND maximiles...

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